What Clients Are Saying

I’ve been working with Kate for almost a year and I’m thrilled. I recommend her exclusively to my VIP Mentoring Clients (and as you can imagine, I’m very protective of them)I’ve been working with Kate for almost a year and I’m thrilled. I recommend her exclusively to my VIP Mentoring Clients (and as you can imagine, I’m very protective of them). -Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive

This affordable course took my skills to the next level. I have 5 full-time clients and have branched out into public speaking. -Carol Lawrence, Social Media Help 4 U

Kate is terrific. She is smart, knowledgeable, creative and extremely experienced. I would recommend Kate to you as I do to all of my clients, without hesitation. The one thing I will say about results is this. The more I work with Kate, and watch her work with our clients, one thing is consistently true – the more they listen to her advice, the more success they have. When they stray from her advice, they have much less success. I think this alone speaks for itself. -Jeffrey Summers, Restaurant Worx

Through this training I’ve gained valuable skills that complemented my IT background and allowed me to reinvent myself. Now I’m managing 12 brands. - Johnny Pineda, Top-Rank Media

Kate worked for me for over 2 years and I found her to be extraordinary. When she worked for me, she started in one position and moved to another position quickly- she is smart and determined and works incredibly hard. She is a perfectionist and creative at the same time. Since starting her own company, she has showed the same drive and determination and quick intellect. Whatever you hire her for, I am certain, you will be pleased with her work. -Janet Zaretsky, Inspired Learning

This program literally changed my life! I have great clients, control over my workload and have tripled my former income as a paralegal. - Karen Naide, Project Social

Without a doubt, Kate Buck is one of the best! She’s on the bleeding edge of Social Media. -Matt Bacak, Powerful Promoter
This course gave me the foundation for the lifestyle I wanted. I’m mobile, I’m flexible, and I’m fulfilled. - Jeffrey Rufino, Brand vision


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KBJOnline was founded by Kate Buck Jr. in Austin, Texas in 2009 when she realized there was a huge demand for social media marketing hype to be made both manageable and understandable.

With a focus on creating integrated social media marketing strategies for clients, Kate naturally incorporates social marketing into business campaigns and promotional activities, building engaged audiences and passionate consumers for her clients and their products.

kateKate Buck Jr. has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing and has consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits around the globe. She is the creator of a Social Media Manager training program in which more than 30,000 social media managers have participated and speaks at interactive marketing conferences and trainings around the country.

Kate Buck Jr. is a Senior faculty member for Social Media Manager Pro, a complete social media manager training program for people who want to become social media management professionals or expand their existing social media management businesses.