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Ways to NOT make friends at a tweetup…

Here are some simple tips to NOT make friends on twitter before attending a local tweet up:

1) Tweet that everyone who has RSVP’d is either old or trying to sell stuff.
2) Let everyone know that your not going to follow them because you don’t follow anyone who has the word “social media” in their bio.

Tell me again why you’re attending the tweetup? So you can meet old people, who are going to try to sell you stuff and talk about social media?

More great tips on attending tweetups from @Omarg.

Ready to Tweet and Twellow

Now that you have your profile set up just the way you want it, you’re ready to tweet.
(If you’re profile is not yet set up, see Getting Starting on Twitter.

When you’re just starting out, I usually recommend putting up at least 10 tweets over your first couple of days. You want to have about a dozen before you start following people. Continue reading