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My advice for SXSWi

A friend just asked about advice for SXSWi.

Since I am a SXSWi expert/celebrity/goddess (you get the picture, right?) I’ll generously share my reply and then some:

I could have a LOT of tips for you – First, it’s a massive conference. Expect overwhelm.

Then: Plan as best you can, and then throw the plan out the window.

Here’s a comprehensive list of events.
–> RSVP now for everything you know you want to attend, and even the stuff you are on the fence about attending. (Most events are badge &/or RSVP only).

You will not get to everything. Don’t even try. (As Lucretia Pruitt said, “SXSW is like a surfing competition – you can train all you like, but you ride the wave you get.” She was right.)

(No SXSW post from me would be complete without a message from the following sponsors. Namely, Me.)
I have an event on March 15:
I speak on March 14:

You might have fun playing the Meet-Meme SXSW scavenger hunt:

Down time & a good place for networking will be the Tech Set Bloggers Lounge (where you’ll want to find Derek Overbvey and ask to borrow his earbuds. Tell ‘em KBJ sent ya!) at the convention center.
But you’ll actually find out that cool kids will be here:

Connect with people you want to meet now & put them on a Twitter list and then follow them on Foursquare (this is the best way to find people).
You could follow the #SXSW or #SXSWi hashtag, I find them overwhelming now (and create my own for folks to follow… who remembers the Adventures of #KOZi?)

Bring backup power supply for all your electronics…

Take lots of PICTURES :)

(Starting to sound like Baz Luhrmann’s Sunscreen Song here. Well, you might want to do that, too.)

That’s all I got!

You could also ask smarties like:

Field Guide to South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi)

20 Tips for SXSW

hmmm…. what else? tips? links? share ‘em!


UPDATED: Crapola! I almost forgot. Hug @SugarJonesGet a picture with @Unmarketing wearing these bad boys :) That last one might be just for me!

BREAKING NEWS: It’s Word Of Web. Be there!

In the early days of the Internet, when we were excited just to have a 56k Modem and giggled like small children when a crusty old looking (by today’s standards) webpage downloaded, while in the meantime you made a three course breakfast; in those days social communities existed next to the water cooler. Creation of brand awareness back then was supported by the high cost media machine in magazines, radio and television.

All hail technology! The first forums started springing up not so long after more and more people had access to dial-up Internet. In these forums, people talked about anything and everything. As humans, we naturally segmented ourselves into groups based on interests. Star Wars fans with fascinations about the Wampa Ice Creature probably had a forum and could get their rocks off talking about the creatures predatory inner workings. Online forums became more and more widespread and we increasingly found venues for our interests.

One of the original terms for social media and the idea that referrals might result in better brand awareness, was “word-of-web”. The ability to find and talk online about products and services that people like is not new. The new part is that “word-of-web” has permeated the consumer landscape like a fast growing wildfire. The good news? This is not some flash in the pan way of business, as some pundits might suggest. Word-of-web is not going away any time soon. The best part about it: the resistance from traditionalists in business and marketing. More on that later.

In the meantime…your customers aren’t at the water cooler. They are online…word-of-web. Go get em!

Location, Location, Location…Facebook Places Real Estate 101

A common cliché in the real estate industry is location, location, location. Now that cliché applies to Facebook too.

Location based services are big conversation pieces in cyberspace and the mobile world. Thus, it makes sense that Facebook jumped on the bandwagon introducing Facebook Places. Despite initial privacy concerns, Facebook places will have advantages for business. The limits for your business will be your own creativity.

If you’re already using FourSquare, or Gowalla; Facebook Places will seem very similar. Here are a few ways you can boost your online visibility with this new tool:

1. Whether you have a brick and mortar office, work remotely or are attending an event, use Facebook places to let others know where you’re at, add a description of your business, tag friends (clients are good, pending their approval) and increase your visibility.

2. Make sure to declare your business “place.” The geo-location features will pull nearby places. However, you most certainly can add your place via name and description.

3. Always a good idea to express what you are doing. For business, use it just like you would any other social media tool. Engage, educate and entertain.

4. Get creative. Offer incentive. You might offer discounts, free schwag (I love that word) for coming to your place of business and “Checking In”, calling you or just being a part of your business by paying attention to your Facebook Place through comments and testimonials.

Remember, like any other social media tool, it’s all about visibility and content. What you can do with this new tool is up to your imagination.

To access Facebook Places, use the Facebook app from your mobile device or login at via your browser.