Brand Against the Machine

I had the opportunity to interview John Morgan, author of Brand Against the Machine: How to Build Your Brand, Cut Through the Marketing Noise, and Stand Out from the Competition (affil link) and get his candid opinion on some of the most popular questions I get asked from Social Media Managers on branding.  

A bit about John: John Morgan is known as the Chuck Norris of branding. With his popular blog ( and being an in-demand public speaker and consultant, he is a globally recognized authority on branding and digital marketing.

I hope you have as much fun listening to the interview as we did recording it! That being said, we have a couple of disclaimers before you click play:

  • This video is not yet rated. If you are challenged in the sense of humor department, don’t like the term WTF or are easily offended, this may not be the video for you. Just don’t say I didn’t warn ya!
  • This video has been edited to fit your attention span. (Trust me, I like to hear myself talk. It was loooonnnng… so please excuse the rough cuts.)

STEP 1:  Buy the book

STEP 2: Email your receipt to to get access to all the goodies!

STEP 3: Go enter our Twitter contest by heckling someone and use the hashtag #batm (You should probably mention me in your tweet @katebuckjr so I know you were entering our heckling contest!) I’m picking a winner on Wednesday afternoon!


Kate Buck (otherwise known as @katebuckjr on Twitter) is the Founder and CEO of KBJOnline, a social media management and consulting agency in Austin, Texas. Kate has worked with some of the top names in Internet Marketing as well as consulted with dozens of entrepreneurs, businesses and nonprofits both across the United States and internationally. She has hosted wildly popular events at leading interactive marketing conferences around the country as well as developed a social media manager training program in which more than 10,000 people have participated. You can follow her on Twitter:

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  • Couchsurfing Ori

    That was so much fun. I’m getting the book now. Thanks for finding rad / useful authors KBJ

  • John Morgan

    Thanks for the awesome interview Kate! We should do this more often

  • @katebuckjr


  • @katebuckjr

    wow, @couchsurfingori:disqus - you listened to that awfully fast! LOL

  • Couchsurfing Ori

    It’s almost as if I was there… oh wait… I was.  And… not to get all nerd-like (Now is not the time to get all nerd-like, Ori!) — but I downloaded it, and played it back in turbospeed.  Things at normal speed no longer stay in my span of focus. It’s almost as if I have Attnetion De

  • Hi

    This book is fantastic! Thanks John – Happy Birthday Kate & Thanks for the referral.

  • Anonymous

    Yo, Couchsurfing Ori!

        How do you download the video?  I tried right-clicking on it and got nothin’.


  • Couchsurfing Ori

    There’s numerous ways- I use a plugin for firefox called DownloadHelper —

  • Chris Eh Young

    I love it when two of my favourite people combine to create compound-awesomeness.

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  • UberdanSounds

    Hey I actually rode the short bus and I’m definitely not special~!