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Customize Your Twitter Page (Part 1)

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Once of the things I most frequently get asked is “how can I customize the look of my Twitter page?” Whether you just want your page to look attractive or you want to actively utilize Twitter to increase your brand, customizing your page is a “must” in order to get noticed and be remembered.

The following is Part I where I describe how to create a custom image to use for your Twitter background in three simple steps using Adobe Photoshop. Continue reading

What to Look For in a Social Media Assistant

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A social media assistant is so much more than someone who helps you market yourself and your products in the social media sphere. It is more than being an expert at utilizing social media tools.  It is more than setting up profiles and maintaining fan pages.

Your community of customers. At KBJOnline, we consider social assisting to be very similar to being a community manager. We’re not just establishing your virtual presence or shouting out your brand. We’re helping you find and engage with your customers and potential customers. We’re listening to your customers on your behalf. We’re building loyalty for you and your products. We’re establishing, maintaining, and growing your community of customers. Continue reading

Sounds like you need a social media assistant, Chris.

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A couple of weeks ago, I was reading this post by Chris Brogan.

And I’m thinking… it sounds like you need a social media assistant, Chris.

What if the first thing you reviewed in the morning was your social media “executive report” (prepared by your trusted and trusty social assistant) highlighting who’s talking about you, your company, PodCamp, etc., along with alerts for matters that needed your personal attention and ready-drafted responses. Your social assistant could even post any needed replies for you once trust was established. And with a bit of initial guidance, wouldn’t it be great to be alerted which dozen or so of those 700 blogs you ought to read today. Continue reading

It’s All About Color

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Everybody has an opinion when it comes to design. If you have a favorite color, then you have design preferences. And even if you don’t think you personally have design ability, what could be more fun than a bit of “do-it-yourself” color?

When I’m setting up a community site for somebody or customizing a profile, selecting the “right” colors is always critical. If a brand is well established, then key colors have already been selected by the client and those are a great starting point. For the web, though, you still need to choose additional harmonizing colors for font, link text, border lines, etc. Continue reading