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Customizing Your Twitter Background (part 2)

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One of the things I most frequently get asked is “how can I customize the look of my Twitter page?” Whether you just want your page to look attractive or you want to actively utilize Twitter to increase your brand, customizing your page is a “must” in order to get noticed and be remembered.

Simple face-lift #1 – Choose one of Twitter’s ready-made themes and use “as is” (takes one minute!) Continue reading

Ways to NOT make friends at a tweetup…

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Here are some simple tips to NOT make friends on twitter before attending a local tweet up:

1) Tweet that everyone who has RSVP’d is either old or trying to sell stuff.
2) Let everyone know that your not going to follow them because you don’t follow anyone who has the word “social media” in their bio.

Tell me again why you’re attending the tweetup? So you can meet old people, who are going to try to sell you stuff and talk about social media?

More great tips on attending tweetups from @Omarg.