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What You Can Offer as a Social Media Manager

You’ve made the decision and are determined to help others with their social media needs.  However, you are stuck on what you should offer – the packages, prices and basically the whole set up of your online services offering. Well no worries, let’s try to break it down for you into digestible chunks.  After all, you must be able to offer prospective clients packages of services, so let’s get started.

The best way to develop packages is to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you can help your client.  Will you simply be offering social media management, which means the managing of their social network profiles or will you offer more?  By more I mean, content, content creation and distribution, strategy sessions or consulting, page creations for Facebook and/or Youtube.

As you can tell, you can develop your packages to include lots of things, but of course you need to make sure that what you offer is something you can deliver with quality in a timely manner.  If you want to offer design and you can’t do it, perhaps you can hire a team to do that part or partner with web designers, graphic designers, etc. It’s not that you have to do everything yourself, but rather that you are the person in charge of getting it done.

Once you determine what you will offer you can set up your packages.  I suggest 3 different levels and label them Bronze, Silver and Gold or whatever titles you’d like.  Having different levels will help the client decide what services they will need or can hire you for.

The packages should describe what you offer – the number of hours you will provide, the number of profiles you will monitor, if you will offer content creation. The specifics need to be spelled out. This keeps misunderstandings (and refunds) to a minimum.

Don’t forget to also offer a la carte services.  These services can include the consulting or strategy sessions as well as any extras that are not included in your 3 level of packages.

A great way to develop your packages and fees is to do some research.  By that I mean, do a google search for social media setup or social media management.  Check out what others are offering, their services, their packages and their fees.  Become their friend on Twitter and Facebook and notice how they promote their services and how they promote themselves.  It is important to see what your competitors are offering so you can develop your packages in a unique and interesting way, one that plays off your natural skills and talents. Find out who the top players are in social media management and follow them in order to stay informed and competitive.

By being engaged with your clients, competitors and the best of the best, you will always be aware of what is happening in the social media world and you’ll know about the new technologies, new applications and offers that can help your clients.  So, what’s the next step?  Develop your packages and start promoting!