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Blogging plugin mania got you down?

Published 6 years ago in Blogging - 4 Comments

You want an interactive website, but readers see more plugins than the hard work you put in on amazing content.

Or, all you have is fabulicious (has that word been coined already?) content on your site and you don’t wanna mess with a bunch of Facebook and Twitter plugins or configure tag clouds.

I’ve got a solution for you! No coding necessary.

Help your readers connect to you with the amazingly simple Wibya toolbar. (affiliate link)

It’s so simple, even a monkey can do it. And it works on many of the most popular sites.

Best of all, rather than cluttering up your page with Facebook this and YouTube that, the Wibya toolbar is incredibly visible yet out of the way of the things that are important for your viewers.

Get interactive the right way and see more benefits by checking out the Wibya toolbar here: (affiliate link)

Lessons from the browser tabs

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I just closed more than 40 browser tabs between 2 computers.

I remember what some of them were and I’m really sad that I didn’t read them.

Others, I’m sure I’d be seriously disappointed that I didn’t read if I could remember what they were.

And I have no links to share with you today.

But on some level, it felt good.

I’ll likely forget all about it by Monday, and the process will start all over again.

Between browser tabs, email labels, bookmarks, social bookmarks, hard drives, books, paper files, etc, (oye!) information starts to pile up and get disorganized!

Sometimes, you just have to close them out. I did today, and I liked it.

Added bonus: my machine runs much faster and so does my brain!

Not anything earth shattering, here, but sometimes, you just gotta let ’em go!