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On ROI… a rant

Published 6 years ago in Social Media Marketing - 13 Comments

Q: I’m getting a lot of pushback recently regarding ROI and the amount of time it takes to see it.  What do you normally say to that?  The client we discussed has and issue with that, too.

kbj: We’re talking about relationship building here. Has the client ever asked someone to marry them on the first date?  Their date would think that’s ridiculous! They also probably don’t appreciate people on the street passing out flyers, right? You have a split-second of meeting them and already, they are selling to you!

It’s the same thing with social media. You have be smarter and think longer term.  If the client can’t wait, then they shouldn’t be in business at all – in my opinion.

It’s about building relationships and that takes time, online or off just plain and simple…

This isn’t everything I have to say about this conversation, but it is my most immediate reaction (read: rant). There is so much more to social media than ROI, not that there shouldn’t be any… but you have to focus on the other parts FIRST to actually get the ROI.


What are your thoughts? What is your response to this kind of push back?