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How to Make Love with Your Written Copy

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Are you in love with your product or service? You should be! And your customers should be too! But too often, a poor, bland or uninteresting use of words will have an audience leaving your website, email blast, blog or social network faster than the girl who just heard the world’s lamest pickup line at the local bar. If you happen to be the jilted suitor vying for a little attention, try giving the written copy some creative TLC.

Content is King…But Imagination is Everything!

Why do some people read novels? (Then again, why do people watch Twilight movies over and over? I’m perplexed!) They’re imaginative, creative and paint a picture. One method for attracting attention and keeping audience interest is to become an artist with words, using both metaphor and similes. You might say to yourself right now that you are not the linguistic version of Picasso. Yet, even the most mind-numbing products and services have characteristics that are able to create a mental picture with words. Does ice get jealous? Can food clown around? Of course not! However, by giving seemingly disconnected and sometimes-inanimate objects, human characteristics – even a glass-chiller product for a bar or nothing-special restaurant food, can come alive. Try it yourself. Does your product stick like glue? Do your services get attention like the roar of a lion?

What Do You Mean?

For some of you, getting a little “out there” with your writing won’t suit the professional nature necessary for your web, blog or social media content. But, you still want your audience to find meaning in your writing. One simple method for explaining complex information in an entertaining way is to use analogy. By using comparative concepts, you can relate to your audience and connect complex ideas they won’t understand with simple notions they already know well. In my case, if I were to explain the ’marketing experience’ concept to an audience where I live – particularly San Francisco Giants fans – I might say the marketing experience is about communicating the feeling you get going to the AT&T park, with the sights, sounds and smells of the game of baseball. It conjures the imagery and helps explain the concept without being “over-the-top.”

Summon Your Inner Steve Jobs

Watch any keynote by Steve Jobs and you’ll understand why thousands travel from afar to the “City by the Bay” and hundreds of thousands more watch online, just to see him speak. Steve knows how to arouse an audience. It helps that Apple has generated a cult following around its products that rival entire world religions. Yet, Steve Jobs presents Apple products, not in terms of Gigahertz, RAM and boring features. You can find those if you want to. No, Steve Jobs focuses keynote presentations by setting the tone with emphasis, using a vocabulary of incredible zeal and just plain…“cool.” You can turn your written copy, even videos and webinars “Jobsian” with just a little research and a thesaurus.

There is quite a bit more to good copywriting techniques that sell product and get attention; but a little creativity can go a long way in attracting an audience who cares.

And remember boys and girls, if you happen to use a cheesy pickup line, at least make ‘em laugh with you, not at you.