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Quit Your Job and Choose Yourself

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Leaving behind a secure 9-5 job may seem like it’s only a possibility for “other people.” You know the kind of people I mean. People who:

  • Are natural risk-takers.
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Don’t have obligations or families to support.

James Altucher says the “security” of that 9-5 job isn’t enough anymore. Incomes are rising more slowly than inflation. The dribble of salary increase and job title advancement aren’t enough to make ends meet let alone give you the satisfaction of reaping the benefits of your own creativity.

Furthermore, that secure “9-5” job has become more like a 90-hour-per-week job and it’s killing your aspirations. You have no money, no time, and no freedom.

Our own Kate Buck Jr. was “lucky” in this regard. She got the dreaded pink slip and HAD to search for new work. At first, she took on getting facile with Twitter only as a means to broaden her job search. She was so helpful that people began seeking her out for social media advice. Finally, she had so much freelance business she realized she no longer needed a traditional job. Now, she wouldn’t dream of giving up her lifestyle business.

Here’re a couple other case studies of people who “chose themselves” and got started in social media management:

  1. Jeffrey Rufino had a 9-5 retail job and he realized it didn’t make him happy. He wanted to work remotely wherever he happened to be and to enjoy a lifestyle not constrained by traditional hours or showing up at brick-and-mortar store every day. He’s now a “full-time” social media manager working where he wants and when he wants.
  2. Erica Price had a full-time job where she earned “good money,” but was starting to get bored. She also was tired of juggling set hours with the demands of parenting two small children. While continuing her “day job,” job she took a social media management training course and landing her first client. Within 6 months, she was working part-time at her “day job” and had hired her first employee in her steadily growing social media management business.
  3. Takara Shelor was an engineer and manager in the pharmaceutical industry and the pressure and stress were over the top. She left and began building websites and dabbling in other online businesses and then she stumbled onto social media management.  She found social media management was a lot more FUN and with a bit of training learned how to implement social media management strategies for herself and her clients and become a bestselling author.

Altucher says we’re now in the “Choose Yourself” era and only by modifying your lifestyle now can you hope to satisfy your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

See 10 Reasons to Quit Your Job in 2014

10 reasons to quite your job

Make a list of your dreams and see if you feel you’re going to get there staying in your current job. Altucher says it’s time to start planning your exit strategy NOW. Too scary? The beauty of Social Media Management is you can start part-time so you don’t have to quit your day job right away. And when you do quit your day job, you can quickly grow to full-time earnings with part-time hours.

If you’re thinking about getting started in social media management or want to test the waters before a big leap, think about one client you could take on to get your feet wet. Potential clients are all around you. Perhaps you volunteer at an animal shelter or are involved at your local church. Know that boutique you visit once a week on your lunch break and everyone there knows you? All of these are potential social media clients and you could start right now by doing posts from your phone. Learn more.

Happy Holidays to you!

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Hi Everyone & Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the impact you’ve had on me this year whether you realize it or not… It’s been an amazing year for me, thanks to the support of those of you I’ve connected with!

I also wanted to share with you about a delivery from that landed on my doorstep yesterday…  TADA! These gorgeous pinqued Joan & David pumps from Santa Scott (aka @unmarketing) are what was inside! Isn’t that the coolest?

I’ll quickly tell you the story – Scott sends out a tweet asking for folks to tweet him back with their Amazon Wish lists. (of course, I have one with books, but I also have one with pink shoes… you know, *just* in case! Well, I finally got the opportunity to share that list (first time!) and I was really just trying to be a smart-ass, when, well, as you can tell, Scott called my bluff!)

There are many lessons to this story. (One of which is I get to cross these babies off my list!) The least of which is not that SCOTT STRATTEN IS THE COOLEST GUY ON TWITTER (and maybe the planet, but I cannot confirm the latter just yet). No, seriously. Go follow him… also… buy his book and read that, too. (not even an affiliate link, baby!)

What’s even cooler… is that’s not why he sent them to me, or anyone else he picked…. he just did it to be awesome. And that was the best reason to do it.

So, whatever you get from this… I say, THIS is what social media is all about. Things like:

…Connecting with awesome people!
…Developing relationships both on and offline
…It’s not about you! Supporting others in what they are up to!
…Being genuine & GIVING to your followers… give back. Give again. then give some more.
…Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there 😉
…SHOW UP – If I hadn’t caught the tweet & responded, I wouldn’t be writing this post :)
…oh, and don’t edit your blog posts… I didn’t!!
…I am sure there are more (or less…) whichever, i’m sure you won’t hesitate to let me know in the comments :)

Lastly, Scott has taught me about more than just engaging. He’s also taught me about life. Here’s a gift from him to you, trust me, you want to hear this…

And because I couldn’t decide which picture of Scott and I to post, here’s another for your viewing pleasure :)

I’ll stop rambling now.

Thank you again, Scott {Hugs}

and Best Wishes for Happy Holidays to all!



Effective Ways to Bring Your Next Client to You Online

Running a successful social media manager business means that building a wide and extensive client base is an integral part of the program. While making use of the referrals from your clients is a great way to get started, it can’t be the only avenue that is used. Thankfully, the World Wide Web provides a number of different ways to get your message across.

Make Use of What You Know

As a social media manager, you know about or have access to just about every one of the most popular social media sites. So why not make use of them for your business? Having an up to date and topical Facebook fan page or profile can be a great way to get your brand out into the web.

Make sure that you make use other sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn, too. There are a number of software programs available that allows you to update your various social media outlets all at once, making is very easy to keep with the online conversation.

Your Blog

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to get detailed information out to the public about your services is through a dedicated blog. In a few paragraphs you can provide more insight, and more detail into what you can do for your potential client than anywhere else.Having a description of your services, testimonies, even your expert advice on the latest and greatest in social media in one location can be a great marketing tool.

Your clients, and soon your potential clients will know that your blog is the resource for information and insight, and of course, help when they need it. So take the time to write a quality blog, and contribute to it regularly. Then, spend some time linking and promoting it throughout the Internet.

Don’t Be Afraid to Step Out and Upwards

While the world of social media and blogs are a great way to self-promote, never be afraid to get help from those around you. Local newspapers and online magazines are always looking for topical interview subjects, and with the chaotic nature of the social media world, your expertise is likely to be in prime time demand.

Watch your twitter accounts, and keep abreast of what is going on in the world. Chances are you’ll be able to find another opportunity for exposure. Take what you apply to your clients and use it to find your next one!

What You Can Offer as a Social Media Manager

You’ve made the decision and are determined to help others with their social media needs.  However, you are stuck on what you should offer – the packages, prices and basically the whole set up of your online services offering. Well no worries, let’s try to break it down for you into digestible chunks.  After all, you must be able to offer prospective clients packages of services, so let’s get started.

The best way to develop packages is to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you can help your client.  Will you simply be offering social media management, which means the managing of their social network profiles or will you offer more?  By more I mean, content, content creation and distribution, strategy sessions or consulting, page creations for Facebook and/or Youtube.

As you can tell, you can develop your packages to include lots of things, but of course you need to make sure that what you offer is something you can deliver with quality in a timely manner.  If you want to offer design and you can’t do it, perhaps you can hire a team to do that part or partner with web designers, graphic designers, etc. It’s not that you have to do everything yourself, but rather that you are the person in charge of getting it done.

Once you determine what you will offer you can set up your packages.  I suggest 3 different levels and label them Bronze, Silver and Gold or whatever titles you’d like.  Having different levels will help the client decide what services they will need or can hire you for.

The packages should describe what you offer – the number of hours you will provide, the number of profiles you will monitor, if you will offer content creation. The specifics need to be spelled out. This keeps misunderstandings (and refunds) to a minimum.

Don’t forget to also offer a la carte services.  These services can include the consulting or strategy sessions as well as any extras that are not included in your 3 level of packages.

A great way to develop your packages and fees is to do some research.  By that I mean, do a google search for social media setup or social media management.  Check out what others are offering, their services, their packages and their fees.  Become their friend on Twitter and Facebook and notice how they promote their services and how they promote themselves.  It is important to see what your competitors are offering so you can develop your packages in a unique and interesting way, one that plays off your natural skills and talents. Find out who the top players are in social media management and follow them in order to stay informed and competitive.

By being engaged with your clients, competitors and the best of the best, you will always be aware of what is happening in the social media world and you’ll know about the new technologies, new applications and offers that can help your clients.  So, what’s the next step?  Develop your packages and start promoting!

Typical Social Media Service Packages

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So, you’ve decided that you want to be a social media manager.  You’ve played around on the different social networks and feel that you can absolutely help others.  However, you have no idea what type of service packages or prices to start with.

To help you sort it out, here are some examples of packages you could offer. You can adapt these basic ideas to your strengths and weaknesses and of course to what the client needs as well.

A typical menu of services would include a profile setup, routine maintenance, reputation management, as well as content creation and distribution.  Now, you’re probably reading that and scratching your head, wondering what on earth I am talking about.  No worries, let’s take each one and break it down for you.

Profile setup is simply what is sounds like.  Your prospective client may not have a profile setup on the network of choice so this is where your skills will be needed.  Adding a picture, short bio, contact information, etc.  Some prospective clients may have a profile setup that they haven’t updated in months.  You will be sure that their profile is up to date with appropriate information as well as up to date email and website information if needed.

Routine management will involve daily monitoring of their specific profiles.  If they are active on more than one social network; you will be responsible for filtering of friend requests, personal messages, private messages and responses to their tweets or updates.

Reputation management and monitoring involves keeping up to date with their names and keywords.  This will involve a bit of research on your part but will be useful for your prospective clients.  Perhaps they will want to know what their competitors are doing or sharing and you can help them keep up with the pulse of their specific industry.

Finally the content creation and distribution is another service you can offer your prospective client.  This entails sharing their content across the different networks.  It can also involve researching the latest trends in their particular industry.  This research can then be used to create blog posts or shared with your client to create a video, audio or podcast.

The services you offer will depend on your skill set and your comfort level at providing the service.  The next obvious question is the break down and prices of packages – be sure to come back for more information on setting up your packages because that’s coming!

Social Media is your eyes and ears. Are you listening and teaching?

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I had an interesting conversation the other day with a friend who comes from the school of traditional marketing and advertising. In that conversation, we became aware of an interesting comparison between traditional marketing methods and social media. It was almost like an epiphany.

Big organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct market research to uncover the wants and needs of their customers. Traditional marketing thought teaches the use of questionnaires, focus groups and surveys to turn raw data into information called “primary market research”.

Yet, most us do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on widespread market research. Here is where social media comes in. In my process of learning and teaching social media, the best platforms not only engage their fans and followers, but they are simultaneously doing market research. Most are probably doing this without a plan attached.

The point is, we have sophisticated market research right at our fingertips, on our fan pages, on Twitter and in our blogs. All those polls, surveys and questionnaires are right in front of us. The trick is to use the market research and align it with a strategy focused on our products and services.

This is both something to learn and to teach. Having the right information and using it are the keys to success. We are doing more than just checking to see if our customers have a pulse. We are listening to their wants and needs and understanding them. This is another true power of social media!

Why the New Facebook Questions API Might Help Your Business

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Facebook will soon have another advanced social feature. This new feature is called Facebook Questions. But, will Facebook Questions become the new marketing tool for your business? Short answer – maybe.

So, what is it? Well, Facebook Questions (now in beta testing) will allow its now over 500 million users to ask questions and get answers from users. At first look, it’s much like Yahoo’s Q&A. Users can ask questions and the community can respond. Answers are rated or voted on for quality. With some other unique features, a user can follow specific questions, tag questions and explore based on subject matter.

According to Mashable, the biggest advantage of Facebook Questions will be the sheer size of the Facebook community. PC World calls Facebook Questions, “…arguably the most forceful thing Facebook has done to bring users outside of their social circles, because you cannot make questions or answers private.”

However, is this new feature a business tool? Because it’s in beta, Facebook Questions has not setup functionality to integrate with brand pages at this time. Yet, the use of this application as a business tool is most definitely in high demand. The ability for an organization to answer user generated questions and have those answers visible beyond the limits of their own fans is pretty sweet. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

The key with Facebook Questions will be not to advertise, but instead to be the expert, sharing the cool stuff you already know to engage your target audience. This gives you a chance to engage a community that you may have had a hard time trying to reach before through other means.

I will take a wait and see approach to Facebook Questions. The application has amazing potential as a marketing tool. Many issues will be answered by the beta test and if Facebook Questions can engage, entertain and educate on a personal and professional level, then it’s probably worth putting on your social media to-do list.

The Key To Success Is Communication

One of the biggest constructive arguments that I have heard against outsourcing social media tactics is a concern that a Social Media Virtual Assistant might make mistakes in the online world because he or she does not understand the business. It seems like too great of a risk to lose complete control over the brand message.

Yet, in having complete control, we actually lose more control. We become so mired in managing the little details, taking away our ability to engage in conversation, research and understand our customers. The need for control actually removes our ability to be efficient and understand the wants and needs of those that pay our bills every month.

In any organization this risk of having someone make a mistake will be present. A customer service rep, salesperson or even a secretary can say the wrong thing or send the wrong message. Typically, it is not the fault of said employee, but rather a lack of communication between employer and employee. And any new hire takes a little amount of time to get to know the business and its culture. Thus, in reality this is a perception issue and a need for control.

The key to being in the social media realm and having a Social Media Virtual Assistant, just like any other employee, is communication. The better we as employers communicate with our staff and align our communications with goals for serving our customers, the more profitable we all become.

When Do You Know You’re Ready

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So, you’ve decided you want to help others in the social media arena, but you’re still not sure if you’re ready. Before you go to the large corporations, try answering these questions:

* Do you have a presence online? Via social media?
* How will you be able to help this corporation?
* Do you have your script in place?
* What questions will you ask them?
* Are you prepared for the questions they will ask you?

Once you are comfortable with the knowledge base of social media and are up to date with the ever changing rules, then you are ready. Will you have all the answers? Probably not, but don’t ever let them see you sweat. You must go in confident in your skills and knowledge. After all, you are there to help them.

You main goal should be that of the client and how you can help them increase or at least create an online presence. Once you have that confidence and the conviction behind your words, the client will sense that and want to work with you. Ask for the business and be ready to hear a yes.

The question of whether you’re ready to take on the social media management world is truly up to you. Are you ready? No? Keep learning, perfecting your approach, increasing your skills. Remember that even once you have the skills you may still feel some fear. The trick is to jump out there. Just go for it!

If your answer is “yes I’m ready”, why are you still here reading a blog post? Go get some clients and get to work!