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Convert a Hashtag Search to a Twitter List

I often find myself in the predicament of not having a tool that I need — it either doesn’t exist or it doesn’t exist in the exact way I need it to work.

Ever happened to you?  If you’ve spent much time working with social tools, you hear what I’m screaming!

Today, I saw a tweet from fellow community manager Jenna Langer:

Does anyone know of a tool that creates a Twitter list of users that tweet with a specific hashtag? Would be great for #cmgrchat

I offered up BlastFollow (which allows you to follow users of a certain hashtag)*** and we also tossed out Formulists, an application with a robust suite of List functions (which blows the Conversationlist app way outta the water!) that I am VERY excited about!

Of course, while we’re on the subject of twitter lists, how could we forget TweepML?

You’d think with all of these solutions, there’d be at least ONE that collected users of a particular hashtag and converted them to a twitter list, right? WRONG!

This is about the time I had a thought and went to work to see if I could make it happen! Here’s how I did it (and for the record, it worked!):

1) I went to What The Hashtag and searched for #cmgrchat

2) Click View Transcript, and Export as HTML

3) Created a new list on TweepML, and in the “Find users on this link” field, I entered the URL from the What the Hashtag transcript.

Still following me right? It was about now that I was getting ready to give up, and almost tweeted that, but after having done that much work, how could I?

4) a.  Because I was doing this as a test, and didn’t want to use my twitter account, I created new twitter account for the cmgrchat test.

4) b. I followed everyone on the TweepML list from the new twitter account.

5) I created the cmgrchat list and added each person to that list.

(This last step, was the only manual part, but was still fairly quick.)

For other chats looking to do this – and in particular to keep it up from week-to-week, I think someone would need to repeat steps 1-3. Obviously, you can skip 4a.

In step 4b, you will still follow all in the list (of course, TweepML will skip anyone you are already following). When the following is done, you just need to go back and add each new person to the list. The first time this was time intensive, but in future updates, it should be quick to just add the new folks to the list.

The only real issues I see here are for larger chats the initial set up could be time consuming (this took me about 10 minutes for a chat of 115) and when the chat list reaches 500 people, you won’t be able to add anyone else to the twitter list. However, I’m thinking that creating the new twitter account to “host” the lists is a great solution to this problem because then you could simply create a new list (like cmgrchat2) and take up too many of your available lists on your personal account for your chat list.


That outta tide you over until someone fixes this problem… and STAT!

***UPDATE 9/9/10: no longer works.

How I tweet – Part 1

Published 7 years ago in Twitter - 4 Comments

In light of @chrisbrogan and @guykawasaki’s posts on how they tweet, I thought I would share with you how I tweet. I’ll assume you really want to know :)

I’ll start from the very beginning, a very good place to start.  I created an account on Twitter about a year and a half ago.  One of my Facebook friends status updates always read, “is twittering:” and I was curious what she was so nervous about all the time…

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The Day @katebuckjr Saved Twitter

Published 8 years ago in Twitter - 4 Comments

Most days, I’m not concerned about getting “credit” for being helpful. Today is no different.

That being said, as I watch the Twitter world rejoice with happiness as they opt out of Fun140 auto DM’s from hell, I can’t help but feel pride as the one who I single-handedly saved Twitter.

Here’s how it went down (or up, depending on how you view the stream): Continue reading

Customizing Your Twitter Background (part 2)

Published 8 years ago in Resources , Twitter - 3 Comments

One of the things I most frequently get asked is “how can I customize the look of my Twitter page?” Whether you just want your page to look attractive or you want to actively utilize Twitter to increase your brand, customizing your page is a “must” in order to get noticed and be remembered.

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Ways to NOT make friends at a tweetup…

Published 8 years ago in Twitter - 0 Comments

Here are some simple tips to NOT make friends on twitter before attending a local tweet up:

1) Tweet that everyone who has RSVP’d is either old or trying to sell stuff.
2) Let everyone know that your not going to follow them because you don’t follow anyone who has the word “social media” in their bio.

Tell me again why you’re attending the tweetup? So you can meet old people, who are going to try to sell you stuff and talk about social media?

More great tips on attending tweetups from @Omarg.

Get Started on Twitter: Basic Profile Set-up

Published 8 years ago in Resources , Twitter - 0 Comments

Ok, you’ve decided to be a part of this Twitter phenomenon and you’re hot to go. You can’t wait to start tweeting, following luminaries in your industry, and getting some primo followers for your own words of twisdom. Hold on a second there. There are a few things you want to consider first.
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•    What if you are in more than one industry – how do you pick?
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Customize Your Twitter Page (Part 1)

Published 8 years ago in Resources , Twitter - 0 Comments

Once of the things I most frequently get asked is “how can I customize the look of my Twitter page?” Whether you just want your page to look attractive or you want to actively utilize Twitter to increase your brand, customizing your page is a “must” in order to get noticed and be remembered.

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Do I HAVE to?

Published 8 years ago in Twitter - 2 Comments

Am I supposed to be blogging? I keep reading that I should be blogging.  Oh, AND I should keep my blog fresh and up-to-date with new content constantly.

But honestly, blogging is just not my thing. And there’s already more than enough people blogging really great stuff, some of which are really brilliant. Personally, I have a hard time keeping up.

If you want fresh & up-to-date content STREAMING LIVE from my brain to your browser…follow me on twitter. I’ll let you know when I’ve got something to say that’s more than 140 characters!