Closing out the browser TABS!

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So by Saturday, I have 1,000 tabs with great resources open, some of which I have shared, some of which I haven’t even read yet.  I love Saturday mornings, because I can chill, drink my coffee and catch up on good stuff I’ve missed during the week (* think Dad at the kitchen table with the Sunday paper *)

While I’ll read most of them this morning, tweet, stumble & bookmark on Delicious ~ I also thought I’d share them in a recap post for you.


Why you need to monitor and measure your brand on social media

Wiki of Social Media Monitoring Solutions – I actually always have this handy, but was reminded of it this week. great resource!

Research/Usage Stats:

How Women Use the Web – (that’s my Austin & fellow pink fanatic Connie Reece in the photo!) Great stats on usage from both men and women along with a download from comScore with more detailed info. For those of you asking me for usage stats, here you go!

Social Profiling – more great usage data for you


Apture’s new browser extension ~ Love the on page search!

Follow Up Then – free & easy email reminders


Twitter starts ‘who to follow’ feature – This hasn’t been rolled out to me, yet. Have you seen it?

Advanced Ways to use Custom Tabs on Facebook and UStream on Facebook

Social Media Manager – (be sure to catch all 3 pages on the original source)

…And In case you missed ’em, catch the 3 blogs from yours truly right here on

Was this helpful?? Let me know in the comments ~ and if so, I’ll try to do it every week!


Keith Rispin - 7 years ago Reply

thanks for this. The wiki resource is handy for sure. I will take boo at the social profiling here later today. There is just so much out there that one can get a bit caught up in all the tools and lose focus on what it is they are trying to acomplish.

Keith Rispin

Warren Whitlock - 7 years ago Reply

all those tabs gives one the illusion of multitasking. Good to see you closing them down :)

Nichola Massey - 7 years ago Reply

Great Thanks Kate – good info. Now I just need an extra 5 hours in the day to read it all :)

Kate Buck - 7 years ago Reply

You're telling me! That wasn't even all of them!

Toresa Slater - 7 years ago Reply

Twitter starts ‘who to follow’ feature – This hasn’t been rolled out to me, yet. Have you seen it?

Kate, I noticed this yesterday when I was looking to follow someone else. It pops up 3 suggestions with a ton of details about them and their last tweet.

Very cool

pjdsocialmedia - 7 years ago Reply

Hi Kate,

Thanks for sharing, this is definitely helpful. The wiki resource is pretty cool having most things in one place and as ever your blog posts are entertaining and informative.

Please keep it coming!!!

Mark - 7 years ago Reply

I've been playing with the Who To Follow feature, and its been pretty decent so far…it linked me to several people who I'd met in real life with whom I've been wanting to connect. It will be interesting to see how much of the benefit is up-front.

Bruno Andrews - 7 years ago Reply

WOW! I thought I was tab addicted with around an average of 50 tabs open all the time. Whew! Some I never even get to so I think I'll start taking your lead and finding a good time to sit down and bookmark, close tab. Please do more of these as well as your emails… very inspirational! Have a great weekend!

Julie Pianto - 7 years ago Reply

Hey Kate, yes – love the idea of a weekly review. Certainly helps me. Thx

Lacey - 7 years ago Reply

yes! weekly review is nice. keep it up, if possible!

Maria Snyder - 7 years ago Reply

I believe coffe goes quite well with Social Media. Kate I also enjoy a similar Saturday morning routine. I will use the links you provided, thank you! Keep up the great work!

DebDrive - 7 years ago Reply

This rounded out my Sunday morning. I hope you'll continue doing this. What a great idea of keeping track of this kind of information.

Here's how I capture the great stuff I find about social media. I have one document (in Word) that is formatted like a book — chapters and sub-headings. As I come across information that fits into one of the chapters, I toggle to that document. I paste a link n the appropriate chapter or sub-heading, a quick note about why it caught my eye, and the date it was written. Then, when I'm putting together a presentation, a workshop, a blog, or am simply looking for a resource to pass on to someone, I can find it quickly in my “book.” And maybe, someday, it'll be the outline of the book I write.

Lots of what you included in this blog got added to my outline. Thanks!


Kate Buck - 7 years ago Reply

Such a great suggestion, Deb! Thanks for sharing :)

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