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This is an OVERVIEW… not a detailed training…
I did this video for a group of marketers, and thought – hey! I should share that :)
Enjoy, y’all!
P.S. More DETAILED videos coming soon. Very, VERY soon :-)
…oh and say hi to @Frankie_dogg
Part 1

(watch iframes Part 1 full screen)

Part 2:

(watch iframes Part 2 full screen)

There are other resources –
Unfortunately, Fan Page Engine has only released their iframe solution to existing customers.

Lujure has released an FBML to iframe converter, and it looks like any new custom tabs created there are already iframes… so that’s awesome news!

You could, of course, create new web pages anywhere (not just on WordPress) and install by creating a new application!

COOL TIP: You can change the name of tabs now (see screenshot)!


Cindy (Dehne)Ludford - 7 years ago Reply

@KBJ strikes again with the most timely relevant iFrames vid’s! @CynLee1801 is Kates biggest fan ;)…

Vanessa - 7 years ago Reply

Is there anyway you can allow full screen on the videos? It’s very hard to see what you’re doing and the pink twitter application on the left hand side makes it really hard to focus on the video. Thanks!

    Kate Buck - 7 years ago Reply

    sure – I included the links under the videos…

      Mike Ferry - 7 years ago Reply

      The full screen goes outside of the viewing area which makes it hard to follow your mouse movement etc. Can you scale the fullscreen down to fit the browser window? BTW I love your jquery scrolling twitter feed. Who created that for you?

        Kate Buck - 7 years ago Reply

        not without redoing the videos, Mike… You can use CTRL and the plus or minus sign to hopefully help them to fit… i’ll keep that in mind for next time. also – the widget is supplied by twitter (scroll to the bottom of twitter on the web and click “goodies”

MavensGetItDone! - 7 years ago Reply

Is this a new WP plugin you’re using for the Facebook tab? Thanks for the great info!

Anonymous - 7 years ago Reply

Great post Kate and thanks for the mention! We’ve seen a lot of apps, DIY programs, and the “likes” and are excited about the functionality and ease we’ve created with Lujure. Cheers!

Suz - 7 years ago Reply

Kate: So do you copy the CSS from your WP page ( Ie: About) and paste it into the FB Tab Mngr and into FB? and WaLa? This was a gem of info!

Johnny Pineda - 7 years ago Reply

Kate, when you are in this editor, just under the “Visual and HTML tabs on the right, you have icons for YouTube, google and vimieo I think…how did you get these there as options when designing a page?

    Kate Buck - 7 years ago Reply

    not sure what you mean, Johnny – can you explain where you’re looking again? (there’s a lot going on!)

      Johnny Pineda - 7 years ago Reply

      np…while using the FB tabs plugin and either editing a page or creating a new one, above the area where the content is are tools, i.e. bold, underline, etc., to the far left of those usual one is the view you can choose to work within….namely Visual or HTML views. I just happened to notice in your video on yours, you have tools that were a YouTube icon, etc., clearly to be able to add a YouTube video easily, etc….I was just wondering how you got all those there? Clear-er?

        Kate Buck - 7 years ago Reply

        ah ha! You reminded me & I found it :) It’s a plugin called: Viper’s Video Quicktags

          Johnny Pineda - 7 years ago Reply

          Sweet! I installed it and played with it’s settings, looks like yours now! Cool plugin!! Thanks!

          Any e.t.a. on the in depth iFrame tutorials? I gotta learn all that! (Thanks again!)

          Kate Buck - 7 years ago Reply

          this week!

    Suz - 7 years ago Reply

    Johnny I see it……
    @kate- when writing a post and next to things like your spellchecker, there are icons..youtube and vimeo and what looks like a radio wave button ~ I dont see that in our FB fanpage generator for WP and I think ( @John) its a plugin?????

    Kate Buck - 7 years ago Reply

    ah! I see it – and I do not know for sure! are you using the most recent version of wordpress?

      Johnny Pineda - 7 years ago Reply

      I’m using version 3.1, the most updated version, but I think I figured it out. You seem to have a bunch of icons (YouTube, etc) for the different video sites, whereas, I just seem to have an icon that is a picture of a film strip with a yellow “V”, that when I click on it, lists the names of the icons you have. So I’m sure its the same. As I hover over the icon, the alt text says “insert video shortcode”. Once in it, you can insert the link, choose video size, auto play, etc. Very handy, but thanks! And we learn…

Johnny B. Pineda, Jr. - 7 years ago Reply

Do you have any information on your last point regarding creating a new application? I created and hosted a site and tested it just fine on my Page, then all sorts of changes occurred in the set up screens and now I can’t get my Page to load. Specifically, I just need to know three things. What goes in for Canvas Page, Canvas URL and Tab URL.

P.S. been testing out Lujure, does anyone have comments regarding using them to host and manage clients Pages, but building the custom sites/pages via any other editor?

maria - 7 years ago Reply

I am trying to find contact information to ask a few questions regarding the program itself. On the contact page, it mentions to click on the pink tabs. But there is no direct email that I can use to send a question. I find that strange, am i missing something. It says about a friendly staff at customer service, please advise how I can get further information.

I came across this posting, so I thought, “what the heck”see if I get a response.

I hope to hear from someone.

Many thanks

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