Standing Out With Branding and Creating Brand Equity

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In earlier blogs I asked and discussed whether your website reflects your brand and if your social media marketing has stage presence. If asked, most people equate the subject of branding with a logo. While that is somewhat true, branding has everything to do with what makes you distinct from everyone else.

When you have a market that is becoming saturated and it is hard to distinguish products and services from others, you get what is called ‘brand parity’.

What’s the solution to brand parity?

The answer to brand parity is being unique enough. This is also building ‘brand equity’ through what you do different from others around you. This might be in your blog writing, videos, tweets and posts. It could be conveyed in your personality, your service (Stage Presence?). The trick is communicating these characteristics.

Sometimes this happens in a core message and all one needs is to look at some big brands…think Domino’s Pizza. Other times branding happens through creativity…think E*Trade Baby. It might occur through sheer experience. Southwest Airlines is novel in its ability to make people think of a combined value and personal experience driven brand.

The ability to brand yourself and your business isn’t only in a color or a logo. It’s a feeling that your customers have about the entire experience. Building brand equity starts with being different enough to be remarkable.

Are you remarkable? If not, it might be time to create a re-branding strategy.

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